Amdocs Community Relations
Amdocs Atlanta joined efforts with Ossiereen Jones also from Amdocs who creates specialized books for children. She offered to create books for the children of Nicholas House a community partner of the Atlanta CR Team. These wonderful books contain each child's name, a couple of their friends names, and something about the town in which they live. What a special treat to have a book with all of these personalized details!

Partners for Care Kenya, Africa
It was late when we left. It is always hard to leave the children. They are growing so much - Eunice goes to high school next year along with Pastor John's son. Rebecca is as beautiful as always. I sat and passed out the books for the children and they couldn't stop looking at the pages with their own names! You managed to get every child! But we didn't do the pastor's children. But Pastor John said they would share. You have made a real difference in the lives of these children - they love you very much and hope to see you soon.
Blessings from Kenya, Connie 

Dan Parker Corporate Executive
So much thought, care and effort went into this! The personalization is really powerful and I"m sure it will be a lifetime treasure for each of these little ones. They are all so under affirmed and this is a powerful boost that will be a positive forward push to each one of them. Truly inspirational!